S&P-Pro Indices Trading Course

The Indices Course is for those who want an alternative to trading FX, or even just want to add more trading opportunities to their basket.
The course teaches you about the Indices and how to trade them in all 3 sessions. What sets this course apart is the Wall Street Open chapter, once learnt and when you put the screen time in and get good at it, which does not take long might i add, then realistically it will be the only system you ever need to trade to accumulate wealth.
Course is for Beginners to Professionals and the Wall Street Open System you can give to your 5 year old son to trade if you desire.

Course Itinerary
1 Minute Charts
5 Minute Charts
15 Minute Charts
1HR Charts
Indices Course
Wall Street Open
Systems and Putting It All Together

This is a course for everybody interested in Trading. Trading Indices in this way can be much easier and direct than trading FX and as always the systems are very very easy to learn and they work wonderfully most of the time. The Wall Street Open can literally enable you to only have to commit to the screen from 20 minutes to a couple of hours each day, its worth its weight in gold. The course gives people the option of trading all 3 sessions, so very flexible to work in around work commitments one might have.

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